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EMCAMlogoEthnic Minority Cancer Awareness Month (EMCAM), previously Ethnic Minority Cancer Awareness Week (EMCAW), is when we can all come together to raise awareness of cancer within ethnic minority communities in Britain. EMCAM is organised by an alliance of charities working with and within communities to raise awareness of cancer.

Why is it important?
1 in 3 people will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives; therefore it is an important issue for everyone. However awareness of cancer and uptake of some cancer services is lower among ethnic minorities, added to this some ethnic minorities tend to be diagnosed when the disease is more advanced, all of which can lead to poorer survival. Additionally research indicates that some cancers are more common among particular communities and groups. For example:

  • African-Caribbean men are three times more likely to develop prostate cancer compared to white men.
  • Mouth cancer is more common among South Asian communities
  • Liver cancer is higher among Bangladeshi and Chinese communities
  • Cancer affects all communities and everyone should be aware of it. By supporting and taking part in EMCAW you will be working towards raising awareness of the disease among your own community and empowering individuals to take up the services available to them.

Read the Ethnic Minority Cancer Awareness Report 2012

What support can EMCAM give you and your organisation?
The charities organising EMCAM have a wealth of experience and information relating to different cancers. This enables us to support you and provide your organisation with resources your organisation could use to hold an event in your community. Examples of the support we can provide include:

  • A range of leaflets and other information
  • Speakers
  • Ideas for events
  • Ways of getting your local press and politicians involved
  • Advertising your event on the EMCAM website

This list is not exhaustive so if you are interested in becoming involved in EMCAM please get in touch and we can discuss your individual support needs.

EMCAM was launched at the House of Commons on the 7th of July 2008. The event was hosted by Sadiq Khan MP and Dr Ian Gibson. Speeches in support of the week were also made by Sir Trevor McDonald and Eddie Nestor.

EMCAM formed an alliance with leading national and BME charities. Over the years, we have successfully worked together to deliver events to raise awareness of cancer amongst ethnic minority communities. From 2012, due to the increasing financial burden facing charities, Cancer Equality will take on the lead in delivering the EMCAM campaign but will continue to work closely with other charities to further this work.

EMCAM 2012 was jointly funded by Cancer Equality and The National Cancer Action Team.